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BLUES - ROCK - FOLK - Charity Concert

October 30th 2021, 7 PM – Theater Neuwiesenhof, Winterthur

SINGING FOR HELP, What's it all about?

A music project that matters!

SINGING FOR HELP is a project group that wants to make a difference with the production of a music album and a charity concert. The people from SINGING FOR HELP want to help!

What do we stand for?

What is our goal?

We do not want to change the world, because we can’t, but we do want to do something to support better living conditions and transportation for animals (animal welfare) and disease control.

Is there something else?

Cancer Research

With the proceeds from CD sales and concert revenues, we plan to financially support two types of organizations: animal welfare and cancer research.



No more talking, now it's time to act

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Who is behind SINGING FOR HELP?

Who are the people behind?

Who are we? Let’s say, music is our passion and music is what we do. Also we care a lot about what is going on in this world.



With your donation you can make a difference

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kindly supported by

Theater Neuwiesenhof
Fahrtwind 2017l (2)



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You have the chance to do something good

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