A few things about intelligence


Alternative place to live

We humans are highly intelligent beings. There is little that we can not do. For example, we are in the process of seeking alternative places to live. The planet Mars has been explored for some time. It’s incredible how intelligent we are. We are so intelligent that we will find such places and destroy the earth.


What’s an animal worth?

Here in the modern world the racks in the supermarkets are always full. The meat, packed in plastic, hangs there to be bought. If an item is bought, the rack is immediately refilled. Even before the weekend you hardly see any empty racks. If the meat products are not sold then, they are disposed. Seen in this light, an animal life has no value!


Who’s the monkey here?

The other day we were at the zoo. Meanwhile, the animals that live in captivity, at least some of them, are offered a habitat that is as natural as possible. Here I see a big progress. Not so with the monkeys. The monkeys live behind a big window and spend their time with straw and jute bags. Zoo animals and breeding are very important for the conservation of species on this earth. When we looked at these wonderful animals, there were screeching people – children and adults – who were banging on the window and making faces. A big gorilla sat down in front of the window and ‘stared’ at the people. At first I thought about what these primates must think of us, then I asked myself at the same time who was the ‘monkey’ here…


Species protection

Recently, there was an exhibition from the hunting tour operators in Germany. I read in a renowned newspaper that you can book wildlife shooting there. For example: a leopard for 5000.00 Euro, a lion for 3500.00 Euro, a giraffe for 1000.00 Euro etc. Often such hunting trips are justified by the fact that the money paid for such a shooting is invested in the protection of species. The current world population is currently about 7.7 billion people. On the whole globe there are now only 25’000 wild lions or 10’000 cheetahs. If one million people would now kill such wild animals to *protect* them, these wonderful animals would soon be exterminated.