About us

SINGING FOR HELP is a project group wants to set a mark with the production of a music album and a charity concert for helping aid organization. The people from SINGING FOR HELP want to help:

The idea for SINGING FOR HELP came to me in 2018. My dog Gordon, who unfortunately died recently, came from a killing station in Spain. His origins and history I could not forget until the end. Gordon reminded me daily that there are thousands of other unwanted and poor dogs and other animals that need help. The cancer and the early death of a parent in early 2018 then made me realize that cancer can affect any of us and is still an invincible disease in many cases. Accordingly, research into the fight against cancer is all about us.

SINGING FOR HELP’s music album will feature four self-composed songs as well as eight cover songs in rock, pop and blues and is scheduled to hit the market in 2020. The release of the first song – a song about Gordon’s story – is scheduled for 2019 already. The charity concert will take place in autumn 2020 in the Winterthur / Zurich – Switzerland – area