Corona virus

Meanwhile we can see that the reporting about the Corona virus is putting people in bad mood.

For a while, news were published every minute. We felt in uncertainty and fear.

Nobody knows when normality will come back – maybe we have to prepare ourselves for a longer period of time. When we wake up in the morning, everything seems unreal, surreal, and then suddenly the unfamiliar, restrictive situation forces its way back into our consciousness.

Most of us have awakened all our lives in a ‘free’ world.

With every day that passes, we become more aware of the present reality. We almost get used to it, and yet the uncertainty about our future is like a thorn to our side.

We miss our children, our grandchildren, our friends, and yet we should remember that this virus has caused much more suffering in other countries, so let us try to struggle as little as possible and make the best of this situation.

What an impact the Corona virus has on people, on the environment and on the economy, no one can say. Even experts can only make vague forecasts.

What can be seen, however, is that animals that were previously not seen in various parts of the country are back now. Dolphins, for example, at the coast of Venice. Maybe we will even learn something from this situation.


We are currently working on the completion of “My Friend” and “Henry Star”. They are two songs that we have written ourselves. Where “My Friend” is about saying goodbye (somehow fits into this time), “Henry Star” is about life and joy. In usual manner the songs were recorded and sung. Here our friends Bruno and Slaven did a great job. We hope to present you the songs as soon as possible.

stay safe, stay@home