Gordon’s Story

Gordon’s Story

Gordon Setter, Hunting Dog


Gordon is born in the south with seven siblings. It’s his mother’s ninth toss and Gordon is rather small for his type. The puppies grow locked up with their mother in an outdoor kennel.

I do not know much about his early life as a hunting dog, only that Gordon has to hunt in the pack. Eating is only if they were successful in hunting. It is common to make the dogs docile.

Gordon is in action until he is four years old. He is then no longer needed and given away in a killing station. The animals will be gassed there. 

Well-known help organizations know about these places and try to save as many animals as possible. Gordon, on a short leash in front of a tin hut, finds a dirty water bowl in front of him. The four-year-old male tries to occupy himself; he hunts ants and shadows.

For four months, it is Gordons daily life. Gordon was saved by the help organizations and they published his photo.

I kept looking at his photo and after a few more clarifications I decided to rescue the dog; we already have a dog from such an organization.

Gordon came to us in late August 2008 after a long, torturous journey; much smaller than I had imagined him and his entire body covered with ticks.

Gordon was saved. Many of his types – not!

Gordon was our beloved family dog for 10 years. He died on December 18, 2018 at 11:30. Gordon was 14. For us, Gordon died much too early.