The story goes on…

Hundepfoten in Not has published Gordon’s Story!

The Video of Gordon’s Story was viewed more than 1200 times. Our song was streamed over 20000 times in spotify, and the Help Organisation, where Gordon came from, has published the story about Gordon. There is a link to our Website and there is also a Link to Youtube, to the Video of Gordon’s Story!

This is a commitment! This is what they do!  – Click here and read the story…..

We do music. We are working hard to bring the right music to you. We are working hard to bring quality of music and we are working hard to be a true label – Singing For Help!

This is what we do!

An Elvis Presley Cover is our next song and it will be released within 10 days! Suspicious Minds, our version of the song! Idea and realisation by Bruno Bosnic.