August 16, 2021
Bruno Bosnic, Sacha Schilling
Producer: Bruno Bosnic, Sacha Schilling
Number of discs: SINGLE

Respect, the latest song from Singing For Help.

Up-tempo number with a special guitar riff reminds of the greatest rock band in our history.

The lyrics are about the current situation on mother earth. Even though the lyrics were written about 2 years ago, they still fit, or even better.

Push that button and you don’t have to race” – press the button, then we don’t have to run anymore. In a figurative sense, this means; If we continue like this, we will be lost. Or “see that shit, stick in it, we have to live with it”, which means something like; We see what happens on earth, we are trapped in it and have to live with it.

“Respect” is not only a guitar-influenced up-tempo number, but also a message.