My Friend

“Hard to beat drama”

‘My Friend’, a song full of emotions. The final, silent, worded decision that no one but you have to make. Like ‘Gordon’s Story’, the text of ‘My Friend’ is based on a true story.

Decisions have to be made, even if they are difficult. Some cannot be undone.

When I had to take Gordon to the vet on an emergency on December 18, 2018, i was faced with facts. It was up to me to do the right thing. My friend Gordon suffered with pain. At the age of 14, any operation would have been too risky for him.

I was looking in his eyes and i understood! 
“I see your eyes I know it’s gonna hurt me”

This sentence was created in this moment. What i saw in his eyes, i can not describe in words, but you are not prepared for it. No matter whether human or animal, the decision that someone “can go” takes a lot of strength. It is not easy to put this into words, but the following part of the chorus was created:

“I do the thing if you want me to, does not feel all right but you have the right. We get the chance to go the way, no words to say, oh no —.”

The lyrics of ‘My Friend’ does not refer exclusively to an animal.

The content is written neutrally and can also represent a person’s last “walk”. When Bruno read the text for the first time, it was immediately clear to him, that it would take a lot to put these emotions into a song. Now this was in his mind and did not go away until hed had something. The song was born; The masterline had already been created. He only said afterwards: “Sometimes creativity comes from reading a text that touches – that’s it.” Bruno then let the song rest because he had already invested a lot of time and energy. At that time we were still working on the Elvis cover. But when ‘Suspicious Minds’ was finished, Bruno came up to me and said:

“Now I’m ready for – My Friend”

Since then, we were working on this song. Because of the lyrics, we had to be very careful that the music wasn’t too emotionally charged, which in turn was a challenge. We already knew that singing this piece would take a lot.

The demo tracks then went to Slaven. Singing in must have taken a lot of nerves and time. This ‘last’ story, this farewell had to be captured by voice. Bruno was in constant contact with Slaven. I heard a comment from Slaven on Bruno: “Hey, you have to sing this song, the mainstream stuff is not enough!”

The first time I heard the line or a large part of the song simply overwhelmed me. And yes, this piece was – sung!

With our first title ‘Gordon’s Story’ we set the bar pretty high. With “My Friend” we were able to keep the standard for sure! We are happy to present this title in June. Special thanks to Bruno Bosnic, Slaven Karalic and to my friend Gordon…
Founder Singing For Help