Our Project

We do not want to change the world, because we can’t, but we do want to do something to support better living conditions and transportation for animals (animal welfare) and disease control.

We want to support organizations that work to imptove the welfare of animals and that work on the front line, whether it is collecting stray dogs and protecting them from killing stations, fighting poaching, working for species-appropriate animal husbandry or against relentless animal transports.

Actually there’s not much more we can say. Our project is based on the fact that just about everybody listens to music and that both cancer and abused animals are global problems.

There are a lot of projects around the globe. Some of them are very similar to that what we do. Some are more serious than others, but the idea should be the same. If you ask me why you should support this project I only can say:

If you heard a song from SINGING FOR HELP, or just read up to this point, either you like our music or you want do something for animal welfare or cancer research. If you like our music, buy the album and you do something for yourself and for a brighter future.

How does it work?

With the Donation from all of you, we are going to produce the album and will held a charity concert.

One part of the album sales and ticket sales from the charity concert will be donated to an organization that commits to better living conditions for animals (animal-friendly husbandry). The other part will be donated to an organization dedicated to cancer research, as we want to make our contribution to the fight against this insidious disease.

We are a non profit organization!

We just cover our expenses, everything else goes to the organizations our team have chosen. The organizations we are going to support will be announced at the charity concert.