Singing for Help, Sacha

Sacha Schilling, President of SINGING FOR HELP assn.

SINGING FOR HELP came alive because of my dog Gordon who came from a death station.
We rescued him when he was in the age of 4. I could not forget the story behind this animal. Gordon’s Story became a Song.

Also something who came to the focus was, that friends and family member struggle with cancer. A disease which ends mostly not in a good way.

This is SINGING FOR HELP, for me, these topics are always present.

Singing for Help, Bruno

Bruno Bosnic, Music Director of SINGING FOR HELP assn.

Music is my love, it brings feelings and emotions.

Dancing and playing music can be found in every culture. There is no folk that does not have its own music and story. My big passion is the “blues”. SINGING FOR HELP is a matter of the heart. I also get the chance to improve my composing, for a good cause!

SingingforHelp, Tanja

Tanja Thaler, Event Manager of SINGING FOR HELP assn.

A project of my heart!

Cancer affects us all. I feel committed to the welfare of animals and it is very important to me. Touching and mobilising as many people as possible with the medium of music, is a lot of fun. I rarely had so many emotional and beautiful moments as with this project. Many thanks to the whole team!

Singing for Help, Nadja

Nadja Karrer, Sponsoring / Support for SINGING FOR HELP assn.

I got into the project SINGING FOR HELP via different circumstances. The topic of the project immediately made me think. There are topics that affects us, day after day, for which it is worth standing up for. With both the heart is there and no matter what you do, do it with heart!

Singing for Help, Avelina

Avelina Largo, Finanzen / Support for SINGING FOR HELP assn.

As a partner of Sacha I experienced the beginnings of this project; the first drafts of the song ‘Gordon’s Story’. Meanwhile idea, with the goal of creating a project with the help of music to support people and animals as far as possible.

Our team is looking forward to your visit with us.

A project is only as good as its teammates

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Gordon's Story